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Bad Qualiy


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The photos 3 on the right of the wheels that Avemco insurance fixed before canceling my policy the 1st of June this year. the plane has been fixed up just like N800NA at San Jose CA.except the tail wheel. The bottom photo of the tail wheel that I have been complaining about every since the first taxi test. Now after the above cancellation Bob West has put on a Matco tail wheel that I bought so the plane now is completely fixed like N800NA which has just lately been run into by another aircraft and is out of service.

It has been a week since Greg Roberts told me to hold the ferry off for a couple of weeks. The maintenance inspection man hasn't got in touch with me yet so I will get in touch with Greg tomorrow and see how  my ferry permit is coming along. I may get in touch with Rory at Wiseman and see if I paid him extra he could come to P52 and do my annual inspection. That would be the best way to get it because I don't want to take the wings off that Bob West the factory rep, has set up like this SLSA Sport aircraft in ready to fly condition.

But if all else fails I will get Randy's Kit Fox trailer and make a plank and ramps that my plane would require.

I haven't heard from DAR John Shablow yet on changing from SLSA to ELSA on my plane.  I will call John tomorrow and see how that is coming along. First I called Greg Roberts and he is going to check on how their inspection progress and call me back latter today. I will wait on that call before I take the next step on seeing if he could come to Cottonwood If I should pay him extra for the annual on my plane. and depending on those calls before calling John Shablow on changing my plane from SLSA to ELSA.

09/21/09 Mark Boarman Ferried N808JD from P52 to FLG this morning when there wasn't much wind. But when he got there a direct cross wind of 6 knots from 300 degrees magnetic when he landed on runway 03 slipping to the left with full right rudder there wasn't enough travel so he touched down on both main gear instead of  just the left one as it should have if the control surfaces were rigged right. Also when he was flying up there when the wings were level the stick wasn't, centered it was off to the right, so the rigging also needs fixing to compensate for that problem. Mark said to let him know when the annual inspection was done. 10/25/09 the annual was done and Mark flew it back and said the rigging was right now . The Volume on my SL40 radio was low and couldn't be adjusted with volume control knob. I called Apolo 1-800 525 6726 and the tech on SL40 knew what was wrong with the volume control was that MON headphones was not set to 0. I found it at 1 and adjusted it to 0. Now the volume control works..Now I just have to see if Matco has my custom wedge estimate done yet..Called MATCO 1-801 335 0582 and got Andy and he said he would check on the estimate on 25 degree wedge for 2 in. wide spring to 1.5 in. width for the WHLT-8 taillwheel base. 11-09-09 I ordered this alum wedge  on my Discover Card the Engineer will E-Mail me the part no. & invoice. I hope in 2 weeks it be here UPS ground. G.R.Happ of MATCO mfg E-Mailed Me that a reasonable estimate is 3-10 business days. He needs to modify the drawing for my angle.He also added dist to mounting hole and changed the length I approved.

N808JH Hobbs 15.5 after installing Wedge I taxied 1.2 Hr to 16.7 Hr and it taxies OK now but the rudder chains are too tight again so I will have to loosen them a couple of lengths so it will come out of the detent and pivot. I will also check at ACE for Bungee Cord to  stiffen the main gear spring action. on 11-29-09 DAR John still hasn't notified me that conversion to ELSA has went through FAA yet. Added 1 chain to each side of rudder and the 1.2 hr of  OK taxing is bad again. The main gear tires are now flat from goat heads that I not intentionally run over. I will look into getting better tires also. I have contacted Zlin's Glunta Salvatore Product Manager. We are discussing the shock cord bungees. Maybe 1/2 shock cord rings will be added to stiffen the landing gear. Then better baloon tires of lower pressure could be used. Don Hanks of TIRE PRO Campverde ordered 2 maingear Goodyear aircraft 8-6 inch to fit on my rims from Aircraft Spruce and they should be ready Monday evening the 14th of Dec..These 6 ply with new tubes will be slightly stiffer so I will not change my bungee setup at this time. 

12-15-09 Tuesday morning Don called and they got my new tires on my wheel yesterday evening but didn't get to call me. He had them delivered to me about noon and I called Mark Borman and now I am waiting for him to call me on my Cell Phone.

12-21-09 Got the main gear fixed with Mark supervising. Now I have to build a charging cable to re charge 2 wires in it 1 for ground today so I can see how my plane taxies with 2 in. bungees on the loosen chains. My DAR John said when I checked with him said that he had sent my conversion to the FAA with that of another which had come back, but mine has not yet.

01-03-10 Sent E-mail to Savage dealer in Wisconsin on getting the shipping cost for a battery and specs and for the half round shock cord Bungee Quote.

01-05-10 Got invoice for the battery $86 but no battery yet. Julie

Hartluab talked with Zlin's Glunta Salvator who told her to stretch the installed shock cord to achieve a half turn more. She is supposed to send me the instruction for this.

01-13-10 Called DAR John Shablow and he told me that that paperwork on my SLSA airplane conversion to ELSA is still held up at Calf. FAA by a new man he hasn't worked with before. He will meet with him Thursday 01-14-10 and will call me after that. The new battery and bungee info should come today from Zlin sro ' dealer savageaerosales WI.

01-21-10 Got the battery installed. I will check with Chandler Air Service on fixing the bungee using the info that savageaerosales WI that they got when they called Zlin. This is to stretch the bungee one turn more. Chandler Air Service is going to call me in the next couple of days on the scheduling they can in 2 or 3 days in a row to check me out in my airplane. Mark Borman will fly it to Chandler and Larry Minch 634 8537 will pick him up in his Skylane.

01-22-10 Called John Sabelow and my downgrade from SLSA to ELSA for N808JD has been approved. John cant fly to Cottonwood until the 1st week in February to inspect my plane and sign it off for my ELSA airworthiness certificate and I will have to give him my SLSA one and then the downgrade will be official. I will take the 1St repairman 16 hr course that I can.

01-25-10 Curt of Chandler Air Service called and I will have Mark fly SLSA plane to Chandler Airport.

01-30-10 On Feb. 13,14&15 I am scheduled with Chandler air service for a check out 2 times a day each day in my N808JD.

02-01-10 When John gets in touch with me to schedule his visit to P52 to sign my conversion from SLSA To ELSA it will have to be scheduled around 13,15-17 of Feb..

02-10-10 Called Curt at Chandler Air Service that the Savage Cub will be brought there just before noon Saturday the 13th. Curt said to park it next to the restaurant on the airport. He said if you land on runway 22L or 4 R then call ground control before crossing runway 22R or 04L and that you want to park at Chandler Air Service parking by the restaurant. Lary Minch will be unable to come with  us to CHD. Mark is still checking on how he wants to go back to P52. I will drive down and set up where I will stay the night of the 15th and 16th.I left N808JD at Chandler Air Service free for the next 3 weeks from February 22 2010 which I sent in a Email to John Walkup on the sale of my Savage Classic Zlin Yellow Cub N808JD as a SLSA for $50000 which after 3 weeks it will become N808JD ELSA. The DAR flew into Chandler Apt.  on 16th Feb and signed off the change from SLSA to ELSA. As soon as I send to the DAR 3 photos of my plane in Chandler Air Service of EXPERIMENTAL on both sides of carbine near Light Sport that is already on it, and he sends the paper work to FAA who has preapproved this conversion. I ordered the ELSA Decals and the ELSA Packer for inside the Cabin 3 days ago and should be able to take the photos mid next week and My Brother Dal will bring his trailer there which we will put load it on then fold its wings back with elevators tipped up AS an ELSA the first time Zlin Agent A7E or AI's have worked on it as SLSA. While at Chandler one day  the 15nth of Feb I flew a Super Cub 2 x and the Next day a Cub Crafter plane like mine. No one would fly my plane from Chandler Air Service because of liability. they encouraged me to sell my plane which I have tried to do up this point as a SLSA 2 23.8 Hrs TT. I got one offer from WI Zlin dealer for $50000 which he would put in a bond then in a month maybe 3 months from now  he would Sell it for $60000 but he wanted a Agreement he wrote in which he misspell bond and wanted to be the sole broker which I couldn't sign. Talked with John Kennedy who knows The Young's Farm Family that has sold the farm and moved to a Wyoming ranch and maybe interested in getting an ELSA Cub like mine.I will get it brought to 1236 S Verde drive Cottonwood my home and put in my trailer up here at my home where they could buy it put in there trailer and take it to Wyoming.

03-26-10 DAR John Shablow was mailed the last I hope copy of the SLSA operating instructions & airworthiness certificate for the FAA to complete N808JD conversion from SLSA to ELSA. He had Don Bevans call me on buying it for at least $50000. He wants me to send him a picture & info by mail to 930 Mancos place Anaheim CA.

04-11-10 My brothers Bob and Dal will come to Cottonwood to help me to get the last 2 sheetmetal covers on my carport ext to my cub trailer and put the remaining screws in it. Then we will put the N808JD Cub under the carport, with the wings folded back, run its engine with the portable gass tank sitting on the step ladder,and then push it on back in to the trailer as far as it will go. I built the trailer to have the planes wings off because Bob West the Zlin factory agent said the wings couldn't be folded back but Dal made a cradle fastened to the back hand hold handlers and we did fold the wings back without disconnecting the planes control cables. Don Bevans never called back.

12-14-14  My partner and brother that started CELOGLAS with me has passed away with alzheimer dease. My wife saw his wife this week end and she gave me his death cirtificate. He was a great man.



06-01-10 I have been sick with sever lumber L5 stress and light head. I covered the folded back wing tips and stabaliser in between with soft moving blanket, My brother Jim visited and we covered the rest of the planes folded back wings and fuselage with those clothes and plastic sheet that also covered wing tips but the wind soon blew that off. I have to clean out the rest of the trailer I did the front part before I got sick.

05-21-11 The old trailer was torn apart to salvage the building boards for my hangar trailer. N808JD sn 096 that was sold to me out of the Check Republic SLSA with folding wings when it arrived in the US was not certified ready to fly with folding wings. For this reason I built the old trailer to short. Now that I have converted it to ELSA I can fold the wings. Also see About US where the political problem in my communication didn't (that Bogart wasn't to tear the old trailer before getting to the point where we needed the old building board before it was needed) on the new trailer didn't get carried out.

07-19-11 Today I hope progress can be made in dealing with DOT David Priest and Bogart on the weight limit and getting a tipoff hangar top which I will order the more expensive aluminum sheeting to go on the 1 and 1/2 inch square tubbing that I already have.

07-26-11 Instead of tipoff hangar top which Bogart didn't want to build my way In talking with Louie Montiel my neighbor and Ted Slezak we decided on a clamshell with the opening of the sides on top then. if I wanted the tailgate ranp would be let down with the plane wings folded into place and could be winched off and later back on. All these part movements would be accomplished with the same reversible winch with different cable hookups.

8-11-11 I got a 3000 lb winch from Harbor Tools but it dose not work

so ordered another 2000 lb one otherwise the same from Northern Equipment. I will take the one that dos not work down to Phoenix and get a refund. I am not like the majority of our business not to hire, but do my bit to help those out of work.

11-06-11 I have put N808JD ELSA Native Cub into hanger trailer using my new 2000 lb. winch and also to pull up the tailgate ramp.a

11-07-11 Print entire site.

​1-22-12 corrected some miss-spellings above.

3-07-12 The Hanger Trailer has been taped over the joints so the moisture is kept out. The scissors tool for aligning and closing the top front part of that joint that closes last. Next time I close the sides I will use it.

6-16-12 New Notebook S9 BASIC Starting on Pg 55 Airplane:

Tomorrow or as soon as possible get N808JD out of Hangar Trailer.

Swing wings forward and into place checking cables etc.. Get oil changed and engine running. Then take trailer to Big O's and get new tires ready to go to Loupe or Red Dry Lake for flying with John McClellan. Late in August would be first chance after that he is a guide for hunters in the fall.

9-16-12 THE ABOVE DIDN'T happen.




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10-19-15 Update 15 For the larger parts of the following collection of Prior Art pertaining to my disclosure was coped unchanged from its source. 

 12-7-14 Continue from Control Panel and APM Page because edit quit working after I  tried to add ajax math from EquationPage and accidentially copied Equation Page on the bottom of that page under black bar covering its first lline. I recopied from that pages end back onto end of Equation Page this duplicated end so I can disiplay equations there. I tried to correct the complication but couldn't so the long Equation Page will get longer so I will rewrite to keep shorter.

12-8-14 Will use my fablet when I go to Mayo Phx today and tomorrow. This blog will refer reader to Equations Page to diplay equation that you come across of interest.                                                               12-9-14 Page Equation is to long to edit with my samsung 2 galaxcy tablet. I will start to edit the beginning of Equation Page.

t=(L/c+v)+(L/cv) The copy of Equation Page started at third line from the top the t' equation I copied from the black bar a quarter the way down APM from Anolog Page.


12-14-14 The Page APM from Anologs the edit quit working after I copied Page Equations accidentaly trying to copy AjaxMath to it. I edited the blog page and put the following Wordpress address in it.





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John Burgess, Former US Foreign Service Officer who... (more)

6-6-15 Copied from my email Quora:

At what speed does the universe expand? Is it faster or slower than the speed of light?

Alan BustanyAlan BustanyTrinity Wrangler, Triple A Science St... (more)
Barak ShoshanyBarak ShoshanyGraduate Student at Perimeter Institu... (more)
63 upvotes by Abhijeet Borkar (PhD student in Physics (Astrophysics))Akshat MahajanBen ReimersGiedrius Raguckas(more)
Abhimanyu ShekharAbhimanyu Shekharloves quantum mechanics and mysteries
6-7-15 My Answer if I get it completely thought out would Collapse in Barak Shoshany Paradigm. These answers from this weeks collection from his great questions are to be paralleled in J_Paradigm as I get them thought out. First J_Universe starts out in J_Fifth- Dimension from the extremely Hot extremely high density extremely small volume of tiny closed and open loop strings of the "String Theory" at the center of the big bang or a black hole as an isotropic chaos in an imaginary sphere of unorganized strings. Forming J_Strings containing J_Mass that initiates J_Gravity which controls the J_Spiral direction in taking the path of least resistance. The imaginary sphere of J_Spiraling-J_Strings would become imaginary ellipsoidal as the volume of J_Strings expanded toward lower heat and pressure. The imaginary ellipsoidal moved into the J_Forth Dimension of J_Universe creating J_Space-J_Time.
6-8-15 J_Paradigm has The New and Unique Disclosure J_Fifth Dimension that starts at all the J_Singularities in the center of all J_Black-Holes and the start of J_Big-Bang. J_Space-J_Time starts at J_Big-Bang. All J_Star-Birth date and J_Time at their J_Space-Time.
6-9-15 Copied from Quora to compare with J_Gravity:

Does light have gravity?

Does a photon of light exert a gravitational field?
6 Answers
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Barak ShoshanyBarak Shoshany, Graduate Student at Perimeter Institu... 
17 upvotes by Abhijeet Borkar (PhD student in Physics (Astrophysics)), Olivier Garamfalvi, Peter AI, Chase Quinton, (more)
Yes, it has been done, although not quite in the way you describe, since you are using the terms incorrectly.

Gravity is the curvature of spacetime, and semi-classical gravity is the theory of qua...
Answer written25 May

6-9-15 J_Waves that consist of i37 in the J_Atom's inner shell orbit of an J_Electron emit no J_Photons. In the second shell orbit of higher J_Energy including the J_Electron. This 2nd orbit's circumference minus the inner orbits circumference equals this J_Hydrogen's J_Electron's 137 J_Waves plus the J_Quantum (X J_Waves) emit no J_Photons. If the J_Energy-Level needed to maintain the second shell orbit then the J_Quantum of (X J_Waves) J_Photon is emitted from the outer Crest of J_String-J_Wave including its J_Mass.
Yes J_Photons of J_Light in J_Hydrogens J_Frequency in J_Electro-Magnetic J_Spectrum through J_Aether-J_Fabric of J_Universe Has J_Mass and therefor is effected by J_Gravity. (See above at date 6-7-15 entry) for the just prior discussion of J_Gravity.

6-11-15 Copied from My Quora Science Digest Email Pryor Art to my Disclosure J_Electron:

I read in a popular science book that an electron disappears in one orbit and appears in another? Is that really true? Is that an example of teleportation?

Barak ShoshanyBarak ShoshanyGraduate Student at Perimeter Institu... (more)
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Nishant GuptaNishant GuptaKnows particle physics!
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J_Paradigm-J_Electron approach is J_Physical-Description of a J_String-J_Waves 137 J_Wave-length in an J_Atoms-Inner Shell Orbitals in the case of Hydrogen in rest state. J_Energy-Level of a J_Quantum of 1 at this rest state. If the J_Quantum of 2 is reached when the J_Wave-Lengths of higher energy level (2*137) J_Waves. This would put the J_Electon up at the Hydrogen 2nd Shell level. If the J_Electron should try to return to the inner shell level it is done by loosing 1 J_Quantum of J_Energy and emitting a J_Photon-J_Quantum 137 J_Waves of J_Energy.

6-12-15 Copied from internet Frequency Versus Energy :

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Wavelength (l), Frequency (n) and Energy Calculations (E)


There are a few calculations you may perform that involve waves. Before I go any further, you need to know the constants that are involved.

c=3.0 x 108m/s  (the speed of light in a vacuum)

This constant "c" is how fast electromagnetic radiation (light for all extensive purposes) travels. The other is "h", which called Planck's constant.

h=6.626 x 10-34 J s

This comes from the work of Max Planck preformed in 1900 using blackbody radiation. There were discrete values of energy that differed by this constant. In other words, all energy is a multiple of this constant multiplied by the frequency of the wave of light. Energy is therefore quantized, it is always a multiple of a single packet of energy.

Now on to the equations.

Wavelength (l) and Frequency (n) Relationships

c=ln ,

where l is wavelength in meters

is frequency in hertz, 1/s or s-1

c=3.0 x 108m/s  (the speed of light in a vacuum)

Typical question  #1- What is the frequency of red light with a wavelength of 690.nm?  (1m=109nm)

              First- is wavelength in meters, so convert nm to meters

690.nm (


)=6.90 x 10-7m


                 Now we can rearrange the equation above and solve for frequency, since we already know the constant, c.



 3.0 x 108m/s

=4.35 x 1014 s-1

6.90 x 10-7m

Typical question  #2- What is the wavelength of light in nm, that has a frequency of 6.6 x 1014 Hz?



 3.0 x 108m/s

=4.55 x 10-7m

6.6 x 1014 s-1

convert m to nm

4.55 x 10-7m(




Energy (E) and Frequency (n) Relationships- Energy is directly proportional to frequency. To calculate energy from frequency (or vice Versa), use the following equation


where E is Energy in Joules (J)

is frequency in hertz, 1/s or s-1

h=6.626 x 10-34 J s


Typical Question #1- How much energy does a photon of light with a frequency of 4.60 x 1014 s-1 have?


E=(6.626 x 10-34Js)(4.60 x 1014 s-1)

E= 3.05 x 10-19J

Energy (E) and Wavelength (l) Relationships- Since energy is calculated from frequency, we can substitute for frequency (n) in the equation E=hn, usingn=c/l, (from c=ln). Now we can do our calculations in one step instead of 2. The new combined equation is:


where E is Energy in Joules (J)

 l is wavelength in meters

h=6.626 x 10-34 J s

c=3.0 x 108m/s  (the speed of light in a vacuum)


Typical Question #1- How much energy does a photon of Red light with a wavelength of 690.nm?  (1m=109nm)

              First- is wavelength in meters, so convert nm to meters

690.nm (


)=6.90 x 10-7m


                  Step 2- Plug this into our new energy equation




(6.626 x 10-34 J s)(3.0 x 108m/s ) =2.88 x 10-19J

6.90 x 10-7m



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I will copy the number part of the above Frequency Versus Energy to Energy Blog Page.

6-10-15 AT this point J_Paradigm J_Aether J_Medium carries the J_Photon's J_Electromagnetic J_Energy { J_Momentum ray of red light } through it. The J_Electromagnetic-Coupleing Between the J_Emitting of J_Photon and J_Receptor reaction to the J_Photon-momentum though J_Aether. The J_Electromagnetic J_Momentum-J_Mass is transferred to receptor body. The mechanism of the 137 J_Wave J_Photon-J_String passing through J_Faberic-J_Ether is being studied.

6-15-15 Studying J_Aether as a J_Medium that J_Photons pass through as they travel in a straight line or at a very large radius. The J_Mass-Field of the 137 J_Wave-J_String of J_Photon is a subatomic frontal area. The J_Mass-Field of the J_Photon subatomic separate from the J_Faberic of J_Aether's J_String-J_Mass-Field. These Fields maintain a balanced spacing their paths through this J_Medium. The J_Photon J_Inertia of its J_Mass-J_Fields Maintains its J_Momentum traveling at J_C-Velocity. J_E =J_Mass times J_C^2. J_Kinecnecit-J_Energy part and J_Gravity with J_Spin-J_Momentum included are all part of J_Energy.

6-16-15 Copied from Quora my today's Email:


From your digest email



Barak ShoshanyBarak ShoshanyGraduate Student at Perimeter Institu... (more)
51 upvotes by Jay Wacker (physicist, phd+postdoc+faculty)Joshua EngelJohn KnightStephen Farrier(more)
There is a subtlety here that the author seems to completely ignore, but is absolutely crucial to understand what's going on.

The quantity that is really responsible for gravitation is energy, not mass. The mass of an object contributes to its total energy using E=mc2 and that's why objects that are more massive have more gravity: their bigger mass gives them more energy.

However, all other forms of energy also contribute to gravitation. This is why even photons, which are massless, create a gravitational field. Their mass doesn't contribute, but their kinetic energy does, and what's really important is the energy, not the mass.

So this is why the mass of a composite object is not the sum of the masses of the individual components. By definition, the (effective) mass of any object is the total energy it has in its rest frame, divided by the speed of light squared: m=E/c2It is only is this sense that things with more energy have "more mass".

Personally, I don't like this definition because it's confusing. However, this definition is so widespread that we don't even notice we're using it. A great example is a proton, which is made of three quarks. The mass of the proton is 100 times higher than the sum of the masses of the three quarks. This means that 99% of the proton's mass actually comes from the binding energy of the quarks, not from their masses.

So it is in this sense, and only in this sense, that the box of photons in this example "increases in mass". Its total energy increases, and therefore its "effective" mass increases. The source of the mass is the energy of the photons, not their mass, which is of course zero and will always be zero no matter what you do.

Now, where did the extra energy come from? Well, the box doesn't just shrink by itself, someone has to apply pressure to its sides in order to shrink it. Applying this pressure requires energy, and this, in turn, adds to the total energy inside the box. This happens because the photons bounce on the sides of the box and thus acquire energy from it in the form of momentum.

This is, of course, exactly why their wavelengths decrease in the first place. A photon's wavelength is inversely proportional to its energy, so photons with more energy have shorter wavelengths.



6-19-15 Up to this point J_Waves on the out side surface is J_String have a constant J_Wavelength. The classical wave of a string  can have variable wave length. This also the case of J_Strings in J_Paradigm. The Subatomic size of J_Strings of very small wave length are possible.

9-17-16  Continued from Control Panel + APM Aether Physics Model section on Quarks VECTORS Diagram In Pictures on My Dell Desktop PC:   


9-18-16 The Vector animation from page Control panel + APM Aether Physics Model a smaller Cube rotating inside Diagram (Quark Spins.jpg) above on an axis perpendicular to UP and Down Planes of Quarks will be studied.

If I were 1000 light years away from Earth and pointed a telescope at the Earth, would I see events that occurred 1000 years ago?




David Moore







Yes, and I’ll draw a few diagrams to make it painfully obvious! Yes you would see events that occurred 1,000ish years ago, yes the doppler shift would occur, and yes as you moved towards Earth you would see events unfolding at faster than normal speed - that is basically what blueshifting means.


A brief legend for the diagrams: The blue line is Earth. Earth is constantly emitting radio waves, wh...


 Read More »

9-23-16 The J_Observer 1000 Light Years from Earth Observes by light optics the Earth as it was 1000 Light Years in the Observers Past. J_Paradigm agrees with prior art unless otherwise noted.

9-24-16 Copied from Quora:

From Your Quora Digest ·
Richard Muller 
Richard Muller, Prof Physics, UC Berkeley, auth "Now -the Physics of Time"(2016)

The Higgs discovery made remarkably little impact on physics. That’s because it was not new; it was already incorporated into the “standard model.” What it implied was that the standard model was confirmed, yet again. Nice. I would have loved to discover the Higgs myself. But it pointed no new path.

Much more exciting would be the discovery of a new quark, or a new kind of neutrino, or a new kind of lepton (a particle that has no strong force, such as an electron or muon). That would truly disrupt physics once again! That’s what we all really hope for. That’s what happened when “charmed” particles were first found.

The warriors of the past longed for war. The physicists of the present long for disruptive discoveries.

Another great discovery that, in a similar sense is “ho hum”, was the discovery of an interaction that violates time reversal. Here is the way I describe it in my new book:

——-excerpt from Now: The Physics of Time——-

In 2012, a group at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center published results of a study of two different reactions having to do with the radioactive decay of a rare particle called a B. The B comes in several forms, including one called a [B zero bar] and one called a B– (“bee minus”). They studied two reactions: one in which a [B zero bar] turns into a B–, and another in which the exact opposite happens, with a B– turning into a [B zero bar]. These are time-reversed reactions; if you saw a movie of one, it could be a movie of the other one being played backward. But in studying the two reactions, the group observed a departure from symmetry that amounted to 14 standard deviations. According to statistics theory, such a result has only one chance in 1044

of being wrong. That’s one chance in a hundred tredecillion. ….

It was not a serendipitous discovery. There were very good reasons to look at these particular reactions, based on prior observations of peculiar behavior in related particles called kaons. The researchers were looking for, hoping to see, time reversal violation. We can now say clearly something that we could only speculate on before 2012: time reversal is not a perfect symmetry of the laws of quantum physics. Forward time is different from backward time, in the heart of physics itself.

——-end of excerpt from Now: The Physics of Time——-

What is on the horizon, something that we can anticipate? I suspect the new results will not come from “high energy” physics, since it is unlikely that new more powerful accelerators will ever be built. I think the new advances might come from astrophysics, maybe an actual detection of dark matter—the mysterious substance that exerts a gravitational attraction but doesn’t emit light. Or maybe it will come from a small laboratory. Perhaps someone will discover neutrino-less double beta decay. Such a discovery would have major implications for our understanding of elementary particles.

Updated Feb 25 · Upvoted by Tanmay Mudholkar, Grad Student, Physics, currently at CERN and Allan Steinhardt, PhD, Author "Radar in the Quantum Limit",Formerly DARPA's Chief Scientist,Fellow

Radio waves do have a medium to travel in.  It is called "the vacuum". 

I know you probably think that vacuum is not a medium, that it is just "nothingness". But it is not treated that way in quantum physics. It can be polarized, it has a vacuum energy density, it is full of a Higgs field, its volume can be altered by the presence of energy or momentum, and it contains a dark energy.  It is much more than emptiness.

In fact, a colleague who is a full-time theoretical physicist (I only dabble in theory) told me that he thinks of the vacuum as a membrane, something that can stretch. But it doesn't only stretch into the three spacial dimensions; it also stretches into abstract dimensions, including the dimension of the electric field. That's how he thinks about it.

Look at a textbook on quantum field theory (such as the one by Bjorken and Drell, the one I used) and you'll find complete chapters on the properties of the vacuum.

Many of us were taught that the "aether" of electromagnetism doesn't exist. The great theoretician of quantum physics, Eyvind Wichmann, told me that the aether never left physics.  It was discovered that it was Lorentz invariant, and it was renamed "the vacuum".


 9-28-16 Cotinued from 9-26-16 J_Particle rolled-up J_Electron-J_String-J_Waves. The rolled-up J_Photon from J_Electron at rest level.  
   10-1-16 Can't save any more on this Page            
    11-11-16 continued from page My planes economics and analogy, i will see if can continue and save: J_Paradigm will follow and save this what I couldn't on that Page. The Hubbel Telescope is the State of Art in its field and its Successor 5 x larger field I will be observing closely.
11-13-16 Copied from Quora:
Jack Fraser
Jack Fraser, Undergrad Physicist at Oxford University (2014-2018)

They don't.

Since about the 1920s, we stopped thinking about electrons as little “billiard balls”, whizzing around the nucleus, like planets around the sun.

We replaced the Bohr model with the hydrogenic wavefunction, derived from the Schrödinger equation.

In this solution, the electron exists as a distributed probability field, it has no “presence”, and indeed, no time dependence.

This distributed probability field has some properties which are associated with things moving (it has angular momentum, for example) - but things aren't actually moving.

Since the Schrödinger solution we've had several better models - Dirac equation, and then QFT and so on - but the result is the same:

Electrons aren’t solid little balls, and it often makes no sense to talk about them as if they were.

 After Sate of Art entrances I don't respond because agrees with J_Wave Concept. Here I don't agree entirely with Jack Fraser because J_Eectron-J_Mass moves in the J_String-J_Waves that J_Captured-J_Electron has in J_Hydrogen-J_Atom at rest as well as J_Free-J_Electron wrapped up like a ball and a particle. This is because inside of a J_String there is J_Mass moving at near the speed of light.
11-14-16 Copied from 9-18-16 above Richard Muller at bottom Comments8+  :
9 Answers
Adam Jacholkowski
Adam JacholkowskiCERN retired physicist

We use our extended sensors (particle detectors) to see, in a more general sense, all the elementary particles ,or at least their decay products. We do use also many visualisation tools to “observe” processes of production and interaction of these elementary particles as can be seen in the below ALICE (one of the LHC experiments) event display. In the past many of the physics results were produced just from measuring directly such visualized events, while now it is mainly used for a quick assessment of the detctor performance quality, as all the event reconstruction is automatized with the help of fast computers:

This is what LHC Collider of Elementary Particles decay of like (J_Free-J_Electron) wrapped up like a ball and a particle as all the event reconstruction is automatized with the help of fast computers:
11-15-16 The J_Electron-Free in a J_Magnetic-J_Feild in J_Hydrogen-Liqued spirals like Richard Mueller's 9-28-16 answer photo electron spiral proof of electron existents. In J_Paradigm J_String concept the above photo is easily conceived. The above 3 reconstruction colored graphics requires: research; comprehension.
11-16-16 J_Photon free from J_Electron-J_Wave is wrapped up like a ball and a particle so as to be refracted by double-slit due to J_Wave-Lenght and J_Frequency of J_Parent J_Electron. J_Electro-Magnetic J_Photons as it moves through double-slit, both at same time. As J_Photon-J_Strings moves through J_Aether in a J_Packet so as to result in a diffraction pattern on a screen behind double-slit focus.
11-17-16 J_Frequency-J_Wave-Lenght like in J_Hydrogen J_Rest-Color reinforces then cancels the strips of J_Protons. 
11-18-16 The sharp edge of the slits J_ Electromagnetics-interface J_Waves fan out the J_Photons in the packet that that passes through both slits of double-slit event. J+Wava-Length J_Frequency-interferance-Dispersment on the events screen.
11-19-16 J_Hydrogen at rest J_Wave is pale blue color same as state of art Hydrogen, except in J_Paradigm.
11-20-16 The J_Mass in the J_Quarks that make up the J_Atom-Nucleus in J_String-J_Waves forms J_Gravity and J_Aether
11-21-16 Copied from Quora:
Why does one twin age quickly when compared to the other one traveling at light speed?
Viktor T. Toth
Viktor T. Toth, IT pro, part-time physicist
Updated Sun

Here is the thing with the twin paradox: If the two twins follow identical (e.g., mirror image) trajectories then when they meet again, they will be exactly of the same age...

 Read More »
11-24-16 J_Paradigm a J_Twin Y moving at near the speed of light away from J_Twin X on a J_Massive planet in a spacecraft not near J_Massive star or planet making a round trip back to where J_Twin X remained has aged considerably more than J_Twin Y has. The reason why is J_Twin X remained closer to a J_Massive planet than J_Twin Y enroute  during this time. The J_Twin X J_Cells-J_Mass is effected inversly by the square of the distance from J_Massive planet than J_Twin Y was at a considerably greater.
11-25-16 J_Gravity and J_Aether composed of J_Strings-J_Waves are paramount in J_Paradigm. J_Quarks are the next in assembly size and also are in the state of art part of my concept.
11-26-16 J_Quarks are formed by J_Strings-J_Waves so as to make 6 kinds.
11-27-16 These 6 types of J_Strings are the first to form in taking the path of least resistance from J_Fifth-Dimension into J_Forth-Dimension.
11-28-16 This the temperature of mass melt at the bottom of J_Black hole going from J_Forth-dimension into J_Fifth-Dimension.
11-29-16 Copied from above:
4-25-16 J_Quark-Spins copy from Ms paint :
The J_Qube Six surfaces with the six J_Quarks one on each surface delineates with Circles the different J_Spins of the J_Closed-Loop J_Strings with J_Waves on their outer surfaces.
In J_Fifth-Dimension at the bottom of J_Black-Holes and J_Big-Bang J_Heat is extremely high and also J_Density due to J_Gravity from J_Mass in each of the J_Quarks in this molten J_Mass.
Jump to Quarks and the mass of a proton - In quantum chromodynamics, the modern theory f the nuclear force, most of the mass of protons and ...


6-3-16 The Link above doesn’t work on MacPro Laptop Apple Pc.
















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